Precision inner barrel effect to accuracy

Question: What is the effect of 6.01 mm PDI precision inner barrel to accuracy? I tested it. I did accuracy test with original barrel in CYMA CM702. Then I replaced it with PDI RAVEN 6.01 mm precision inner barrel and I repeated the test.

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The result:


Original barrel

PDI 6.01 mm barrel

Airsoft sniper


Inner Barrel Length

485 mm

Accuracy at 10 m

4.26 cm = 1.7 inch

3.93 cm = 1.5 inch

Muzzle velocity

380 FPS (=116 m/s)

380 FPS (=116 m/s)

Tested BB

0.30 g


Results at



Yes, the 6.01 precision inner barrel will raise the accuracy with approximately 10%. Is that enough? It is up to you. New inner barrel cost 50% of new sniper CM702.

I repeated the test at longer distances, the result was similar.. 10-14% of improvement. Also I found some information, that other CM702 owners had similar results..

CYMA CM702 with PDI 6.01