Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: What is airsoft?

A: Airsoft is kind of a shooting sport, where players eliminate each other by hitting with 6mm BB (spherical plastic pellets). BB launchers are replica weapons (so called airsoft guns), which looks very similar to real weapons. Main difference compared to paintball is that here airsoft BBs do not mark their target with color. The airsoft relies on an honor system. Airsoft BB is designed not to harm humans, but safety wearing is requested (read more on wikipedia)

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Q: What is shooting accuracy?

A: Shooting accuracy of the airsoft gun (or any other weapon) is the spread of the multiple shoots. It can be measured as horizontal and vertical length of the grouped shoots. It depend of the shooter and of the gun. Airsoft guns has very bad accuracy (compared to airguns or real weapons), due the light projectile and lower energy of the shooting.

Q: What is FPS?

A: FPS (feet per seconds) is speed how fast an airsoft gun shoots a projectile (BB). FPS should be measured at the exit of the barrel. It can be measured with chronograph. As standard, it is velocity of the 0.2g BB at the exit from the airsoft gun. Another definition: It is energy necessary to speed up 0.2g BB to this velocity. I found a nice calculator here, where you can see the connection between FPS, m/s and Joule.

Q: How to fix the position of airsoft gun during accuracy test

A: For example, you can use vise, but don't forget to put some textil between steel and your gun, to avoid harming the surface. Do not over tighten the screw, plastic parts of airsoft gun may broke.
How to fix the position of gun
Screenshoot from video by EpicAirsoftHD.

Q: What is diagonal accuracy?

A: Diagonal accuracy is calculated value from horizontal and vertical accuracy. D² = H² + V²