Airsoft shooting accuracy tests - uploaded by visitors

Hello, my name is Igor, I am an airsoft fan. What is the primary aim of an airsoft gun or pistol? To shoot and hit the target. The shooting precision in airsoft may variate a lot. On internet you can find a lot of accuracy tests, but most of them are useless, because you can't compare them. There is not much use of test like "I hit the Coke can placed at the end of my backyard 8 times out of 10". That's why I decided to make this site and numerically define accuracy test, where airsoft users can do same (or very similar) test and upload their results to this site. If shooting is realized under similar circumstances, it can be comparable with other accuracy test results.

If you have any airsoft gun, please do the test and upload your results here. This is not a competition, so please be honest, and follow the instructions on How to page. Registration is not needed, but every submit is moderated before appears on site.

NEW! Visitors request: 30 meter added to accuracy test as optional distance.

Primary shooting distance is 10 meters (11 yards), but optional you can upload test from 5 (recommended for airsoft pistols) or 20 meters (for airsoft sniper rifles) too. Metric and imperial units are supported, so you can measure the accuracy in cm or inch, both are supported by upload form.

If you have any idea or suggestions how to improve this site, feel free to contact me.

If you are first time here, don't forget to read the bla bla text on terms of use page.

For those visitors who only want to see accuracy of airsoft gun, on search page they can find or compare the results.